What the Department for Transport does
We work with our agencies and partners to support the transport network that helps the UK’s businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country.
We plan and invest in transport infrastructure to keep the UK on the move.
DfT is a ministerial department, supported by 24 agencies and public bodies.
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Department for Transport Sourcing Portal

This website provides a suite of collaborative, web-based tools that enable procurement professionals and suppliers to conduct the strategic activities of the procurement lifecycle over the internet.

It provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering and quotation activities reducing the time and effort required for both buyers and suppliers.

IMPORTANT - Find a Tender Service (FTS) comes in from 1st January 2021, please click the following link to find out more. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/procurement-policy-note-0820-introduction-of-find-a-tender.

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NOTE that you will require a DUNS number (Dun and Bradstreet) to register. If you do not know your number access the following link to find yours: https://www.dnb.co.uk/duns-number/lookup.html, click on the D-U-N-S number section. If a DUNS number is not found there is guidance on how to acquire one in the same place.

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